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Study Harmony & Improvisation with Carmen at

     Study harmony, melody, and improvisation techniques with Carmen Spada now at His course, I, IV, V, and Beyond! takes a deep dive into the skills and techniques needed to be a versatile musician, assimilating into any musical setting by way of a mastery of harmony and melody. Click HERE to purchase the course at a discounted rate!

Sessions at Studio II, Manhattans, and other gigs are back!

      After nearly two years of lost work and cancellations, live performances look like they are on their way to returning. Check the DATES section of this site to catch Carmen performing at various locations in the GTA over the next few months, including the Rose Theatre, Manhattans, and Lula Lounge! 

5th Annual World of Jazz Festival returning for 2021!

     Due to the success of the 2020 World of Jazz Festival amidst COVID restrictions and cancellations, the City of Brampton has decided to renew its support for this annual jazz festival, to be held September 11 & 12, 2021, in Downtown Brampton. This year proves to be extra special as it is the 5th anniversary of the inception of the festival. Visit for updates to the program schedule, sponsorship opportunities, and venue details.

Carmen Spada awarded 2020 Arts Acclaim Award from the City of Brampton!

     The City of Brampton has awarded Carmen Spada an Arts Acclaim Award for 2020, for his dedication to preserving, presenting, and advocating the arts in the city. 2020 saw Carmen and B-Jazzed present the World of Jazz Festival at a time when jazz festivals around the world were cancelled. Congratulations Carmen!

4th Annual World of Jazz Festival returning for 2020!

     The City of Brampton has renewed its support for an annual jazz festival, led by B-Jazzed, and Artistic Director Carmen Spada, to be held on September 11 & 12, 2020, in Downtown Brampton. In nearly three short years, Carmen has instituted B-Jazzed as Brampton's leader in curating performances, education, and philanthropy around jazz music, with the World of Jazz Festival acting as its signature event. Visit for updates on the program schedule, sponsorship opportunities, and venue details.

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